Someone once said about him:

He is a born-actor. He started his acting career in 1967. His professional life ranges from Cabaret-theatre (La Cova del Drac) through committed theatre Layret... when theatre was still a belligerant weapon against the Spanish Dictatorship-poetic theatre with Els Elfs and his participation in La Cubana, until he became better known among the wide public performing his character JOAN in La Granja, the first and most inspiring sit-com among the Catalan TV ones. La Granja was broadcasted for many years in the autonomic Catalan channel.

At the same time, with his own theatre company he proved himself to be a great comedy actor. Later on, Xavier Serrat started to move away from stage in order to start a more invisible career as a dubbing actor. After that, he was rescued by Ariel García Valdés, revealing himself as a great dramatic actor.

Nowadays, he is one of the most valued actors on stage and TV.